About..The Evangelist!!

It took me sometime to understand why, someone like me, who is an MBA in Information Systems & Marketing, working as a Business Consultant/Project Manager  for a Packaged Apps and has nothing in my job profile related to Social Media, found so much of interest in the topic that I spend most of my pass time  around this and am still discovering the reason behind it.

I was moved by the movie 3 Idiots where the protagonist wanted to preach that a person’s profession should be his/her passion. There are a few jobs which I used to envy ,coz not everyone is lucky to be a movie critic.  Imagine a person’s job profile that involves watching a lot of movies and analyzing them. Imagine your pin-board having everything related to movies(You may dislike this job if you are movie-neutral!!). Nor, does it always happen that just anyone gets the job of a “luxury bed tester” who gets paid for lying in luxury beds and testing them. During my MBA days I used to daydream of a job like these.

Then came this fad (or is it??) of Orkut, FB, Twitter profiles, chats, scraps, posts….. I still remember when I discussed this over a tea-table debate with a bunch of friends on how cool a job with one such company will be and few laughed their heart out saying ” Dude!! Why the hell did you choose an MBA degree then??”  But it was not months before all of us realized the power, dominance and competence of Social Media as a tool, for organisations and for individuals. And then one of our popular marketing prof iterated once in his class, on how in the  70’s & 80’s , few of the marketeers were outdated as they could not realize the dominance of television as a medium over print and outdoor, and mentioned that similar would be a transformation in the era of 2.0. I decided not to rank myself in the outdated class.

So it all started as an interest, a rather acquired one, but in last 2 years I could not help overcome the inquisitiveness I have developed over the subject. Not one of the lucky ones who get to do this as a full time profession, but I have decided to keep my passion alive through this blog. Most of your readings in this blog, will be purely on the knowledge I have developed on the subject over a couple of years and on my personal observations/understandings.

Happy Reading!!!

  1. Venky says:

    Nice blog you have. Glad to see your passion taking shape! Wish you all the best!

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